Entry Fees

Entry fees are available to approved studio accounts in the online registration system.


VIP Dance does not accept independent entries. All routines must be registered through an approved studio account.


We offer three competitive levels for solos, duo/trios and groups in the Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions.

Photos & Videos

Media is offered as a complimentary service in each city. Devices are welcome during your studio dances only.


Entry Fees may be accessed through verified studio accounts. Please request a studio account or log in to access fees.
All fees are non-refundable. No exceptions.
VIP DANCE reserves the right to refuse any entry at any time for any reason.
Independent entries are not accepted. All competing dancers must be registered with a studio.

Solo (1 dancer): 2:45 minutes
Duo/Trio (2-3 dancers): 2:45 minutes
Small Group (4-9 dancers): 3 minutes
Large Group (10-14 dancers): 4 minutes
Super Group (15 or more dancers): 4 minutes
*Production (minimum of 15 dancers): 8 minutes
**Parent Dance (minimum of 8 dancers): 4 minutes

EXTENDED TIME Available for Solos & Duo/Trios: add up to 4 additional minutes
EXTENDED TIME Available For Groups & Lines: add up to 10 additional minutes

*Production - any Super Group may be converted to a Production. Production routines are typically defined by any of the following attributes: follows a theme, includes dancers from different age groups and/or levels, includes a variety of dance styles, focuses on entertainment value, or utilizes a large prop and/or stage setting. Production routines compete only against other Productions for a spot in the Production VIP LIST and are not segmented by age and level. Productions are also eligible for Up in the VIP adjudication placement and are featured in the Highlights Gallery.

**Parent Dance - any group routine with 8 or more dancers consisting of parents only may enter the Parent Dance category with special discounted pricing. Routines in this category compete only within the category for Parent High Scores and are not associated with a competitive level or age division. 

Incomplete Routines - a 3 point deduction will be made for dancers that leave the stage without completing the performance. In the rare case that a dancer is allowed to re-perform, the routine will be adjudicated only and not eligible for any high score awards.

Over Time Limit Routines - a 5 point deduction will be made on routines that exceed the time limit.

Musical Theatre
Acro Dance

Dance Team
Pom & Cheer

*Parent Dance (see categories)
*Production (see categories)

No "trick limit" in any category.

Dancers are able to compete in multiple routines in the same dance division and category. However, those dancers should be prepared for quick costume changes.

Inappropriate Routines - all routines, music, choreography, and costumes must be suitable for family viewing and listening. Failure to comply with this rule may result in point deductions or entry disqualification at the discretion of the event director and judges.

Little Bigwigs: 7 & under
Mini: 8 - 9
Junior: 10 - 12
Teen: 13 - 15
Senior: 16 - 24
Adult: 25 & over

Ages are determined as of January 1st in the year of the competition. Add all ages of participating dancers, and then divide by the total number of dancers. Drop all decimal points. Our online system will calculate this for you once all birthdays are recorded for each dancer. Groups will average age, but may only drop one bracket below the oldest dancer.

If any of the dancers in a routine change from Regionals to Nationals, you must recalculate the average age of that routine for Nationals.

​Any dancer or routine may "compete up" an age division. However, this must be consistent across all routines. For example, if a soloist is 12 but competes in a solo as 13, that dancer must be added in to all duo/trios or groups as age 13. In addition, any duo/trio or group that "competes up" must do so for all duo/trios and/or groups with 50% or more of the same dancers. Age divisions will not be changed to "compete up" after the schedule has been posted. This must be done at the time of registration.

Hotshot - Recreational Dancers, Beginner Level Choreography, Up to 5 Routines
Megastar - Intermediate Skill Level, Intermediate Level Choreography, Up to 10 Routines
Rockstar - Advanced Skill Level, Advanced Level Choreography, Unlimited Number of Routines

*Pro - Any dance teacher or professional dancer age 21 and over who makes at least 50% of their total income from teaching dance, choreographing, or dancing professionally. Any routine including at least one "professional" performer must be entered in the Professional Level. Routines competing in the Professional Level will be scored and critiqued, but are not eligible for high point and cash awards.

High Scores & Special Awards - All Levels (excluding Pro)
VIP List - Megastar & Rockstar
Idol Soloists - Rockstar
Dance-Off at Nationals - Megastar & Rockstar
Up in the VIP Adjudication Placement - Rockstar
Online Highlights Gallery - Rockstar

- All entries in each level will be adjudicated by the same scoring system and judging criteria. Critiques will be geared toward the appropriate level.
- Competitive Levels are available in the Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior age division for solos, duo/trios, and groups.
- Levels are not applied in the Little Bigwigs age division. Little Bigwigs are eligible for Up in the VIP adjudication placement, high scores, and special awards. If you wish to place your 7 & under dancers in a recreational or intermediate competitive level instead, you may choose to move their routines up to the Mini Division and take advantage of those leveling options where all general leveling rules will then apply to those dancers and routines. 
- Levels are not applied in the Adult age division. Adult division is eligible for Up in the VIP adjudication placement, high scores, and special awards.
- Levels are not applied in the Production category. Productions are eligible for the Production VIP List, Up in the VIP adjudication placement, and are featured in the Highlights Gallery. 
- Levels are not applied in the Parent Dance category. 
- Teachers should level each dancer based on the competitive level guidelines in addition to the routine limit restrictions. Each dancer will be assigned a competitive level in the dancer list in your online registration account. The computer will then determine the appropriate level for each routine as it is submitted through the system. 
- Soloists, when competing more than one solo, must compete all solos in the same level and may only place once in the high score rankings.
- Routine limits apply to the individual dancers. Studios may enter as many routines in each level as needed.
- Any group routine with 25% or more Rockstar (advanced level) dancers must compete in the Rockstar Level. The online registration system will calculate this for you.
- Any group with 25% or more Megastar (intermediate level) dancers is not able to compete in the Hotshot level.
- Teachers may elect to have routines compete at a more advance level if desired. A routine containing any number of Rockstar level dancers is not eligible to compete in the Hotshot level.
- Level changes are not allowed once an event has begun. In an unavoidable situation, leveling up may be acceptable when advanced level dancers are incorrectly placed in a lower level. However, leveling down is not an option.
- VIP DANCE reserves the right to move any routine WITHOUT NOTICE to the level deemed appropriate by the VIP DANCE staff and judges.

General props are permitted in any category.
Fire, water, powder, and similar substances are not permitted. Please contact our office prior to the event with any questions regarding the allowance of a particular item or substance.
Helium balloons are not permitted.
All props must be Marley safe. Any damage to the Marley flooring will be billed to the responsible studio.
Props are not to exceed 10 feet in height.


Solos, Duo/Trios, and Small Groups are expected to set-up props in 30 seconds and remove props in 30 seconds (1:00 minute cumulative).
Large Groups and Super Groups are expected to set-up props in 1:30 minutes and remove props in 1:30 minutes (3:00 minutes cumulative).
Productions are expected to set-up props in 2:30 minutes and remove props in 2:30 minutes (5:00 minutes cumulative).
If prop set-up/removal exceeds these time limits, performances may be subject to point deductions.
Groups and Productions may purchase an additional 2:00 minutes total for set-up/removal of props for a flat fee of $30.00.
Solos and Duo/Trios are not permitted extended prop set-up/removal time.


VIP List

The top scoring group routines earn a spot on the coveted VIP LIST Top 10. The VIP Lists presented include Rockstar Mini/Jr Groups, Rockstar Teen/Sr Groups, Megastar Mini/Jr Groups, Megastar Teen/Sr Groups, Productions. 

Best Studio

At each event, Best Megastar Studio and Best Rockstar Studio will be awarded to the studios with the five highest scoring group routines in the corresponding level. Winning studios are presented with a beautiful commemorative plate. 

High Score

High Score Awards are presented in each category for all levels and age divisions. (For example: Rockstar Level Mini Small Group) Winners are presented with aluminum plate awards that showcase beautifully in photos and on display.


Special awards presented may include Costume, Choreography, Dance Division, Entertainment, Future Star, Stand-Out, and Judges Choice. Every routine is eligible for any of these special honors. Winners are presented with beautiful aluminum printed plate awards.


Each routine receives an adjudicated placement of Gold (score 261-274), Platinum (score 275-282), Diamond (score 283+), or for the Rockstar level, Up in the VIP (score 295+, a near-perfect score in the advanced level). 

Idol Soloist

At each regional event, Rockstar level soloists are eligible for the Idol Soloist Award. Winners are invited to join us at Nationals to attend the Workshop on scholarship, participate in the Opening Number Production, and compete for Idol of the Year.

01. Red Carpet Awards

Our unique awards, our exciting and dramatic custom awards music, and of course, our red carpet ensures fun for all. VIP Dance was the FIRST competition to roll out the red carpet for award ceremonies and provide each dancer with an all-access pass and lanyard. These have now become industry standards. We are flattered... and we continue to come up with ideas that will certainly be adopted by others in the future. But no one does it quite like us. After all, this is VIP!

02. Digital All Access

All of the event info you need is now at one digital access point. From the city event page you will upload music, view full schedules, watch the event live stream, print a program or use our digital interactive programs during the event. Your FREE access to our interactive program now includes filters, search, live tracking of performed routines, and routine  Compliments. We are bringing your competition experience to a whole new level!

03. The After Party

Stats (scores, feedback, & judge critiques) and Media are uploaded to the tour page following each event. Media is conveniently accessed for download by dancers, parents, and teachers. Studio owners will access all routine stats in the same location with the option to allow access to any teacher or dancer/parent (account) in the routine. Videos of winning routines are featured in our Highlights Gallery for all to enjoy. Easy access, easy sharing... VIP-style!


Audience members are welcome to shoot non-flash photography while (only) their dancers are performing or during award ceremonies.


Audience members are welcome to video while (only) their dancers are performing or during award ceremonies. VIP Dance will be Live Streaming all events when possible.


Event Schedules are posted 10-14 days prior to the event on the tour page. On a typical weekend, 12 & Under Groups are on Saturday and 13 & Over Groups are on Sunday. Solos and Duo/Trios may be on any day.


Scores and critiques will be available to studio accounts following the event. Adjudications, Special Awards and High Score results will be posted in the week following the event.


Option 1: Upload Music
Music may be uploaded through logged in studio accounts.
Through our system.... no need to label your music files before uploading. Just upload the music for each routine and our system will automatically attach the entry number and routine name to the file.

Option 2: Submit Music Files on USB at Event
If you are not able to upload your music to us prior to the competition, you may submit your music files on USB at the event.
Label files with a THREE-DIGIT entry number (space), studio code (space), routine name, then file type.  Ex: 007 B Shake Your Groove Thing.m4a

UPLOAD DEADLINE:  11pm Mon before event
AFTER DEADLINE:  Bring to Event on USB

  • VIP Dance reserves the right to alter any policy or rule at any time for any reason deemed necessary by VIP Dance. 
  • All cities, dates, and venues are subject to change at any time should it be deemed necessary by VIP Dance.
  • Upon entering any VIP Dance event, customers must agree to comply with all rules, regulations, and policies. 
  • Upon participating in or attending any VIP Dance event, all participants and attendees understand and agree that they are doing so at their own risk and knowingly and voluntarily accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers, and hazards, including but not limited to the possibility of bodily injury, exposure to viruses and other illnesses, property damage or other loss resulting therefrom.
  • Participants are granted permission for reproduction of any footage in which they are included for the purpose of self use and or self promotion publications which can include but is not limited to, photo prints, social media, and websites. Resale or use of the footage in a manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation is not permitted. 
  • Studio customers are granted permission for reproduction of any footage in which their students are included for the purpose of commercial use and or commercial promotion publications which can include but is not limited to, photo prints, social media, and websites. Resale or use of the footage in a manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation is not permitted.
  • VIP Dance offers live streaming, digital routine videos, and digital routine photos as complimentary services whenever possible. Certain events may not offer all three services depending on various circumstances. 
  • Upon participation in any VIP Dance event, all participants, parents, studio owners, teachers, and guests agree that VIP Dance has the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute, and create derivative works of photographs or videos containing the image/likeness of participants or guests. These images and other personally identifiable information may be used for promotional, news, and educational purposes.
  • Any suit, action or proceeding seeking to enforce any provision of, or based on any matter arising out of or in connection with, VIP Dance events, rules, or policies or the transactions contemplated hereby may be brought in any federal or state court located in Jefferson Parish in the State of Louisiana.

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