December 22, 2021
by Stacie Collins

What You Need to Know About the New Compliments Feature

- The Power of Compliments
   Lift up our community and boost your mood with compliments. 

- Community Over Competition
   Create a wave of good vibes and enrich the environment around you. 

- How to Send Compliments
   Create an account and start gifting these mini-rewards through our interactive digital program. 

The Power of Compliments

Compliments make us feel good. When we receive a compliment, our brains release dopamine which can enhance our focus, pleasure, and motivation. It can brighten our day and creates a positive association with the activity at hand by activating the reward circuits in the brain. 

But interestingly, the person GIVING the compliment also benefits from a megadose of dopamine with a boost to their positivity, self-confidence, and influence. People are naturally drawn to those who lift them up. Showing respect and appreciation for others enhances our relationships and our own value in the world.    

Compliments strengthen in numbers. Don't save them for a rainy day. Let's lift up our dance community starting with the new Compliments Feature from VIP Dance.

"The easiest way
to brighten your day
is to send someone a compliment
so they feel the same way."

Community Over Competition

Similar to an Act of Kindness or "Paying it Forward," compliments create a wave of good vibes. By sending such positivity and encouragement out into your community, you help to build an enriching and enjoyable environment around you. Think about how many people you affect by sending a compliment to a single routine; dancers, parents, teachers, choreographers, and studio owners.

Extend your reach beyond your studio doors. You attend VIP Dance events to compete. Without a strong community of competitive dance studios, the activity would cease to exist. Send the love to other schools... and watch how fun it is when they reciprocate. 

Be genuine and enjoy the process of distributing these mini-rewards. If your account is linked and approved by your studio, you will have the ability to send out custom compliments. But if you are not sure what to say, we have a fun list of emoji comments from which to choose and send with a simple click. 

How to Send Compliments

Compliments are shoutouts to routines in the form of emoji comments via the interactive digital program. Once a routine status is shown as "performed," the Compliments Feature will be active on that entry. Log in or create a new account to utilize the feature.

You will see a list of pre-defined options that feel like bite-sized special awards waiting to be gifted. Choose the one that best reflects your opinion of the routine and gift away! All dancers in the routine will receive an account notification of the new compliment.

To send a custom compliment, your account must be linked to a studio and verified by the studio account. This is in place to protect our community from spam or inappropriate visitors. If you signed a pre-event waiver through your account, you are already approved and the custom feature will available to you. Otherwise, you must wait for the studio owner to verify your account if you wish to create custom compliments. Studio owners (in addition to VIP Staff) have the ability to hide or delete comments on any of their routines. 

The feature is active long after the event. If you missed seeing a routine in person or via the live stream, visit the results pages in the following week or browse through our Highlights Gallery to watch the routine videos and shower them with compliments. 

The Compliments Feature is fun, easy, and free. It takes very little effort to brighten someone's day... and your own. So as you sit in the audience watching other dancers compete, log in to your VIP Dance account and start sending some genuine compliments to routines through this new feature of our interactive program. Give it a try and see how you feel. Don't underestimate the power of compliments.  

Ready to give it a try?

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Stacie Collins
VIP Dance Owner, Founder, & CEO
With a passion for business, technology, and dance, Stacie started her dance competition business shortly after graduating from Louisiana State University in 2003 earning a BA in General Studies with minors in dance, sociology, and speech communication. She grew up in the world of competitive dance and traveled the nation teaching and choreographing through her college years and beyond. Stacie continues to run VIP Dance alongside her husband, Chris, and is the proud mother to their six year old son, Preston.   

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