December 21, 2021
by Stacie Collins

Why You Should Join Our Private Facebook Group

The Official VIP Dance Members-Only Group is for our customers and community of Studio Owners, Teachers, Dancers, Parents, and VIP Judges/Staff to connect, access group exclusives, and stay up to date on our latest announcements and features. Join the Group

VIP Dance: All Access

You may already like our Facebook Page or follow us on Instagram, but each social media channel has a specific purpose. Facebook Pages are public-facing profiles for sharing general company information. Instagram is for posting amazing competition photos and fun candid shots. Our new Facebook Group is where we will share more in-depth details about our events and build the community around our brand. We would love for you to be a part of it. Here are some reasons to join us.

1. Connect

Connect with our competitive dance community. Chat about all things comp-related. Contribute as a conversation starter or answer questions for others.

2. Discuss

Join in the discussion about the various article topics from our blog. No comments on our blog pages... the conversation happens exclusively through the group.

3. Be the First to Know 

This is the place where we will be posting all event alerts and season announcements. Turn on notifications from within the Facebook Group Settings and be the first to know.

4. Share

Post your candid event photos or share your favorite professional photos downloaded from our site. We love seeing them and may even repost on our insta-feed. 

5. Access Exclusives

Out of gratitude for your participation in building our community, we will offer exclusive tips, news, access, and alerts to our group members. Don't miss out. 

Members Only

In the interest of building an authentic and lively community, this is a private group with required approval of all members. 

Please request to join us. 

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Stacie Collins
VIP Dance Owner, Founder, & CEO
With a passion for business, technology, and dance, Stacie started her dance competition business shortly after graduating from Louisiana State University in 2003 earning a BA in General Studies with minors in dance, sociology, and speech communication. She grew up in the world of competitive dance and traveled the nation teaching and choreographing through her college years and beyond. Stacie continues to run VIP Dance alongside her husband, Chris, and is the proud mother to their six year old son, Preston.   

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