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July 8-12

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View videos, rankings, and top awards earned at each city from the 2022 Tour.

Thank you to all who made this one our best season yet. And we hope you are ready to BRING IT again in 2023!


In 2023, our levels are getting name upgrades! It's totally VIP.



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Thank you to all of the contestants and congratulations to all of our category winners and runners-up.


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Find VIP LIST winners, Idol Soloists, Top Productions and more.


Congratulations to the winners of our BEST STUDIO award on the 2022 Tour!



Founded in 2006 and built on the foundation of Vision, Innovation, and Passion, the VIP team is best in the biz! Here are some of the things that set us apart. 


The Collins Family

With a passion for business, technology, and dance, Stacie Collins founded VIP Dance shortly after graduating from Louisiana State University in 2003 earning a Bachelor of Arts degree including minors in dance, sociology, and speech communication. She grew up in the world of competitive dance and traveled the nation teaching and choreographing through her college years and beyond. Stacie runs VIP Dance alongside her husband of ten years, Chris Collins, and they are proud parents to their seven year old son, Preston.


Directors, Judges, & Staff

Directors Christie Sirota, Lauren Barney, Rachel Siegel, Summer Bonnecaze, and Melanie Creek are all active industry professionals and master teachers with a true passion for connecting with our customers. Our judges are vetted by the Director team and devoted to providing quality feedback and inspiration to all VIP dancers and teachers. And our staff is made up of an elite and talented group of individuals who bring a unique energy and vibe to the VIP event weekends.


Top Notch VIP Style

Red Carpet award ceremonies, VIP lanyards and All-Access Passes, custom theme music, and quality commemorative awards set the tone as dancers compete for our top awards including the VIP LIST Top 10, Idol Solos, and Best Studio and special awards, namely Future Star, Stand-Out, Judges Choice and more. Our ceremonies are always organized and efficient, but most importantly, exciting and fun! Within days following the event, a full list of results is posted online with videos and award icons for each honor earned (check it out here) and videos of winning routines are featured in our Highlights Gallery


Custom Scoring System

Through our proprietary judging software, we have created a new scoring system with multi-sensory feedback utilizing both auditory critiques and visual graphs. Our judges adjust feedback sliders in various subcategories under the three main headings of ability, execution, and composition providing a visual representation of data justifying the total score. Under each slider, keywords are available should the judge wish to highlight certain elements for the dancers to Work On or to denote as Doing Great. Scoring, critiques, feedback sliders, and keywords represent an authentic and thoughtful analysis of each routine. 


A Different Take

We are live streaming and providing professional media as a complimentary service. If you would like to capture some additional media, devices are welcome. You may video and shoot non-flash photography of your dancers while performing. Media files are posted to our site in the week following the event and beautifully displayed in a search and filter format within the event program alongside any award achievements (check it out here). Parents, dancers, and teachers are able to download the desired files or easily share the links via email or social media channels.


Community Over Competition

Brighten your competition day, and someone else's, by sending a compliment. Compliments are shoutouts to routines in the form of emoji comments via the interactive digital program. This feature promotes "Community Over Competition" as we encourage sending compliments to routines from other studios in addition to your own. An uplifting experience for all, both the senders and receivers, this tool provides the opportunity for community-driven encouragement and good cheer. It's fun, easy, and free! 


Virtual All-Access

All of the event info you need is at one digital access point. From the city event page, you will watch the event live stream, read judges' bios, find event protocols and updates, access shared event photos from the VIP staff, print a program, or follow the digital interactive program throughout the event. FREE access to the interactive program includes filters, search, live tracking of performed routines, and routine compliments... taking your competition experience to a whole new level! Following the event, scores, feedback data, and critiques are accessible through studio accounts with the option to share 
desired portions with dancer, parent, or teacher accounts connected to your studio.

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We love showcasing amazing products to our customers in a sponsor-supported environment that provides them free access to routine photos, videos, live streams, and interactive digital programs.

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