MAY 6-9
Batavia Fine Arts Center
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Deadline for music uploads and changes to entries: 
SUNDAY, MAY 2 at 11pm
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Studio Schedules

Waiver Links and Full Studio Schedules may be accessed through the Studio Owner Account.


VIP is committed to the safety & well-being of our customers, spectators & staff. Our top priority is to provide an exciting & high quality event while adhering to location specific COVID-19 guidelines through the following protocols. 

- Block scheduling is being utilized in an effort to limit interaction.
- Each dancer is limited to 1 GUARDIAN in the building. 
- Other guests are not able to join the audience this season due to crowd size limitations currently enforced.
- A livestream of our event & awards ceremonies will be available for those unable to attend.
- Six foot social distancing will be required at all times including in the lobby, audience, dressing rooms, etc.
- Only active performers & adult teachers will be permitted backstage.

- Masks will be required at all times, INCLUDING while performing on stage.
- No scoring deductions will be taken as a result of costume modifications, any desired PPE, etc.

- Dancers are allowed to enter 30 minutes prior to the start of their first scheduled routine.
- Teachers are to check in with VIP staff before any items are placed in the dressing space by parents or dancers.
- All performers should arrive in costume for their first routine to limit dressing room usage.

- Dressings areas are assigned.
- No congregating in dressing areas.
- All items must be removed from the dressing area immediately following your last routine as the space needs to be sanitized for the next arriving studio.
- Dressing areas are to be completely cleared before adjudicated awards begin. Remaining items may be removed by VIP or venue staff during award ceremonies in order for cleaning to begin. 

- Adjudicated and Special Awards are presented at the end of each block.
- All high scores will be announced at the end of the event via livestream.
- Teachers are welcome & encouraged to attend our High Score Awards Ceremony with a total of up to 5 studio representatives.
*Studio owners, if you are unable to send a representative to the High Score Awards Ceremony and wish to have your awards shipped to you, please contact us for an Awards Shipping Request form. 

- Score sheets will be made available through the online studio account within 3 days following the event.
- Critique files will be emailed to studio owners within 3 days following the event.

- All participants, teachers, and spectators should frequently wash hands and sanitize objects.
- Frequent disinfecting & sanitization will be followed and enforced by both the VIP staff & venue staff throughout the event.

- Please stay home if you are sick or exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.
- Anyone running a fever or who has been ill within the last 72 hours should NOT attend.
- Anyone who has been in contact with someone who has been ill in the past 14 days should NOT attend.
- Individuals at higher risk from COVID-19 should not attend the event.
- Remind participants, parents, and guardians of the enhanced risks of participants being in direct contact with any high risk individuals including anyone age 65 or older for 14 days after participating in the event.

- Waivers for all performers must be submitted through the registration system before the studio is allowed to compete. Teachers will provide links to the waivers for all participants.

Thank you in advance for your help making this a SAFE & exciting event. We look forward to seeing you all!


Thursday, May 6
3:00 PM - Steps Dance Center
9:30 PM - AWARDS

Friday, May 7
3:30 PM - Inspire School of Dance
3:30 PM - Ultimate Dance on the Move
3:30 PM - Activ8 Dance Company
3:30 PM - Your Performing Arts Center
6:10 PM - AWARDS
6:50 PM - Movement & Sound Dance
6:50 PM - Freedom of Movement
6:50 PM - Great Lakes Dance Academy
9:50 PM - AWARDS

Saturday, May 8
7:15 AM - Pavillion Dance Centre
7:15 AM - Panda Studios
7:15 AM - Wings Dance Studio
10:30 AM - AWARDS
11:10 AM - Sunshine Dance Part 1
12:45 PM - AWARDS
1:25 PM - Sunshine Dance Part 2
2:10 PM - AWARDS
2:50 PM - Evolve Dance
2:50 PM - Extensions Dance Company
6:50 PM - AWARDS
7:30 PM - The Academy of Dance Arts Part 1
9:25 PM - AWARDS

Sunday, May 9
7:15 AM - Inside Out Dance Crew
7:15 AM - The Dance Centre
7:15 AM - The Chicago School of Ballet
8:10 AM - AWARDS
8:45 AM - Visceral Youth Ensemble
8:45 AM - Visceral Studio Company
11:25 AM - AWARDS
12:05 PM - Dance Alive! Dance Studio
12:05 PM - Dream Contemporary Dance Company
12:05 PM - The Attic Christian Arts Center
3:10 PM - AWARDS
3:50 PM - The Academy of Dance Arts Part 2
6:20 PM - AWARDS
7:00 PM - The Academy of Dance Arts Part 3
8:30 PM - AWARDS

*Full Studio Schedules may be accessed through studio owner registration accounts. Studios will provide all dancers with specific performance times within the studio lineup.


2021 New Media Policy

Audience members are welcome to video and shoot non-flash photography while your dancers are performing.

VIP will be live streaming all events and providing high quality video footage for sale at $15 per routine.

Programs & Live Stream

Printed Programs are not available for sale at our 2021 events. Free Digital Programs will be available to download and print or view on a mobile device.

The Program and Live Stream feed can be accessed at the link below within 2 days of your event.

2021 Online Contest


Our Photogenic Contest is now online only. 

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