TAMPA, FL 2019


Thank you, Tampa, for an amazing weekend of dancing! Our staff and judges had such a wonderful time with you all.

Scroll down to check out some of the highlights on this page... winners videos, Best Studio Awards, and more! And view the full PDF of high scores and special award winners at the link below!

Join us for Nationals 2019!

JULY 1-5 

JULY 8-12 

Hollywood VIP List

1 Something About Love | Dance Empire of Miami
2 Original Sin | Miami Dance Project
3 Unsaid Word | Miami Dance Project
4 Strange Tree | Elite Arts Academy
5 Stay Gracious | Miami Dance Project
6 Amen | Elite Arts Academy
7 Don't Think | Royal Empire
8 Supression | Miami Dance Project
9 Wall Street | Miami Dance Project
10 Zhane | Dance Empire of Miami


Congratulations to our Broadway Level and Hollywood Level BEST STUDIO award winners!

Best Studio winners are entered into a live drawing on May 31st where ten studios will be drawn to win new staff jackets from Crewtique, the Team Apparel Boutique by Move Society®!


BEST SENIOR SOLO: All OF Me | Marco Dal Pezzo | Royal Empire
BEST TEEN SOLO: Black Roses | Isabella Viteri | Miami Dance Project
BEST JUNIOR SOLO: Unskinned | Camila Perez | Miami Dance Project
BEST MINI SOLO: The Rose | Lena Garcia | Dance Empire of Miami
BEST SENIOR DUO/TRIO: Closure | Royal Empire
BEST TEEN DUO/TRIO: Nessum Dorma | Elite Arts Academy
BEST JUNIOR DUO/TRIO: Welcome Home | Royal Empire
BEST MINI DUO/TRIO: Romeo & Juliet | Dance Empire of Miami

National Online Photogenic Contest
Deadline to enter: May 25th