What's New in 2019? A lot!

The 2019 Tour marks our 14th season. And as with every season prior, we are working hard to make changes and improvements in the latest technology, the most desired wants from our customers, and the most creative new ideas from our directors and staff. I am exctied to tell you where we are headed!


Yep, that's right... you asked for it and we are proud to introduce the Little Bigwigs 7 & Under age division! Our other age divisions remain the same: Mini (8-9), Junior (10-12), Teen (13-15), Senior (16-24), Adult (25 & Over). And as always, if you prefer that your 7 & unders compete in the Mini Division, you can move them up and level them appropriately. We will not be offering levels in the Little Bigwig division (at least for the first year) until we see how many routines are competing in the division and if levels are needed / requested. The Little Bigwig groups even have their own dance-off opportunity at Nationals! Read more about our new Naitonals Dance-Off Day below.


It's time to revamp our adjudication lineup! Here it is: Gold (261-274), Platinum (275-282), Diamond (283-292), and Up in the VIP (293-300). The "Up in the VIP" award is for the Hollywood Level only and to be awarded to those near perfect routines with impeccable technique.


Every few years, we update our "look" with new backdrops, new award designs, new red carpet pop-ups and more. 2019 is the year for all of those things! We are designing away at our headquarters and are SO excited for you all to see everything. Even our staff jackets will get an update this season. :-)


We love technology. We have always been one step ahead offering things like video critiques, music uploads, and online reg personalized dancer schedules before all the others. But the one thing we have not done is live streaming. My reason for this has been that when I do something, I like to do it well. And unfortunatley, live streaming is only as good as the internet connection you are streaming from... which in many venues, is not quite up to par. This means that the feed may come in blurry or even cut out. BUT... I know how badly you guys want us to live stream. So I can tell you, we are working on it. It is our goal to live steam all events in 2019. We are purchasing all new video equipment with all the bells and whistles to live stream to the best of our ability! And if nothing else, our new video quality (shooting your dancers in front of our new backdrops) is going to be STUNNING!


Seven days is a long time! We understand. There is just so much fun to pack in to our Nationals events. But I am happy to say that we are able to tighten up our scheudle. Our Nationals will now be five days of pure dance fun including: the Opening Number, Scholarship Auditions and Imrov Line Final Round, FREE Master Classes, Move Society: The Shoot, Red Carpet Hour, and a revamped Dance-Off Day with all new championship awards. Join us in Orlando July 1-5 or Sandusky July 8-12. Take a look at our tentative schedule.


We will now see 80 routines recompete on the Dance-Off Day for our cash prizes and new championship awards. The Dance-Off is now comprised of Hollywood Level routines including 3 Mini Solos, 3 Junior Solos, 3 Teen Solos, 3 Senior Solos, 5 Duo/Trios (all ages combined), 5 Mini Small Groups, 5 Junior Small Groups, 5 Teen Small Groups, 5 Senior Small Groups, 5 Mini Large Groups / Lines, 5 Junior Large Groups / Lines, 5 Teen Large Groups / Lines, and 5 Senior Large Groups / Lines. The Broadway Level is represented by 5 Mini Groups (Small/Large/Line), 5 Junior Groups (Small/Large/Line), 5 Teen Groups (Small/Large/Line), and 5 Senior Groups (Small/Large/Line). And finally, our Little Bigwigs top 3 Groups (Small/Large/Line) will recompete. These 80 routines are sure to make for a spectacular Dance-Off Day! Championship winners AND runners-up will be announced in each category as well as our VIP LIST in Hollywood Mini/Jr Groups, Hollywood Teen/Sr Groups, Broadway Groups, and Hollywood Solos!


Thank you for reading and joining us in the excitement of what's to come in 2019! Our events are all about YOU. I would love to hear your feedback and even more so, your ideas and things you would like to see from VIP. If you are willing to share your thoughts, please feel free to reach out to me at vipdance@mac.com. Looking forward to an exciting future.

-Stacie Collins
Owner and Executive Director