Voorhees Middle School
1000 Holly Oak Drive
Voorhees, NJ 08043


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General Schedule

Saturday, February 2
7:30 AM - Doors Open | Teacher Check-In
8:00 AM - Little Bigwigs & Mini Solos
8:05 AM - Junior Solos
8:35 AM - Mini & Junior Duo/Trios
9:20 AM - Break
9:30 AM - Little Bigwigs, Mini & Junior Small Groups & Little Bigwigs Large Groups
11:10 AM - AWARDS
11:55 AM - Lunch Break
12:05 PM - Teen & Senior Sm. & Lrg Grps, Junior Lrg Grps, Junior & Teen Pro, & Junior Lines
2:25 PM - Break
2:30 PM - Teen & Senior Sm. & Lrg Grps, Junior Lrg Grps, Teen Productions, & Junior Lines
5:15 PM - AWARDS
5:50 PM - Teen Broadway Solos
6:15 PM - Teen Hollywood Solos
7:40 PM - Break
7:45 PM - Senior Hollywood Solos
8:55 PM - Teen & Senior Duo/Trios
10:15 PM - AWARDS


National Online Photogenic Contest
Deadline to enter: May 25th

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