UTICA, NY 2018


Stanley Center for the Arts
261 Genesee St.
Utica, NY 13501



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General Schedule

Saturday, March 3
7:30 AM - Doors Open | Teacher Check-In
8:00 AM - Mini Solos
9:00 AM - Junior Off-Broadway & Broadway Solos
10:05 AM - Break
10:15 AM - Mini Duo/Trios
10:50 AM - Junior Duo/Trios
11:40 AM - Mini Small Groups
12:15 PM - AWARDS
12:55 PM - Lunch Break
1:10 PM - Junior Hollywood Solos
2:40 PM - Mini & Junior Large Groups, Junior Small Groups & Teen Broadway Solos
3:55 PM - Break
4:05 PM - Junior Productions, Small & Large Groups & Teen Broadway Solos
5:50 PM - AWARDS
6:35 PM - Teen Hollywood Solos
8:05 PM - Break
8:10 PM - Teen Hollywood Solos Contin.
10:05 PM - AWARDS

Sunday, March 4
7:00 AM - Doors Open | Teacher Check-In
7:30 AM - Teen Duo/Trios & Small Groups
9:35 AM - Break
9:45 AM - Teen Duo/Trios & Small Groups Contin.
11:30 AM - AWARDS
12:15 PM - Lunch Break
12:45 PM - Teen Large Groups, Lines & Productions & Senior Solos & Small Groups
2:15 PM - Break
2:25 PM - Teen Large Grs, Lines, & Prodcutions & Senior Solos & Small Grps Contin.
4:25 PM - AWARDS


National Online Photogenic Contest
Deadline to enter: May 25th

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*You may also enter at the event.

Photos & Videos

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1. Will there be a Live Stream?

VIP Dance does not offer a live stream at our regional events. We do provide professional photogrpahy and videography services at every event and process all orders at the event to take home with you. In addition, we provide photo and video in digtial formats so that you can share it instantly with family or on your social media accounts. Occasionally, we do "go live" on our social media accounts during awards or in the backstage area for some fun behind-the-scenes action.

2. Am I allowed to video or take photos of my dancer(s) during the event?

There are absolutley NO CAMERAS of any kind allowed during performances in the theatre or anywhere near the dressing areas. You are welcome to use your cameras during the award ceremonies or in the lobby areas. We will have a step and repeat banner in the lobby for picture taking. In addition, we offer professional photohraphy and videography services at every event so that you can relax and enjoy the event while leaving the hard work to us!

3. Is there an admission fee to watch the competition?

Admission is free and open the public.

4. What is the host hotel for this event?

We do not provide a host hotel at our regional events as the majority of our attendees are local. If you have a large group traveling in to attend, you may be able to set up your own room block at a nearby hotel.

5. When should I arrive at the event?

Please check with your teacher or studio owner for arrival requirements. We do tend to run ahead of schedule, so it is always wise to arrive 1-2 hours before your scheduled performance time.

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